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Welcome: Professor Lawrence Goldman, Director of the Institute of Historical Research
Chair: Daniel Snowman, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Historical Research

 14 October, 2015: History, history, everywhere…

The apparent paradox that, alongside the recent growth of popular interest in history, many people also seem to lack a sense of the continuity between past and present.
Panel: Ronald Hutton, Paul Lay, David Reynolds, Pat Thane

11 November, 2015: History as Heritage

The preservation, distortion and commercialisation of the past.
Panel: Roger Bowdler, Robert Hewison, Anna-Maria Misra, Simon Thurley

9 December, 2015: Does the ‘Real’ Past Matter?

The history and function of historical myth.
Panel: Peter Burke, Justin Champion, Adam Sutcliffe, Simon Dixon

13 January, 2016: Rewriting the Past

The need felt in each generation to reconfigure the past.
Panel: Penelope Corfield, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Ian Kershaw, Jonathan Steinberg

10 February, 2016: Pictures of the Past

How far can artworks provide a pathway – or a stumbling block – towards understanding the past.?
Panel: Vic Gatrell, Simon Goldhill, Marion Kant, Simon Shaw-Miller

9 March, 2016: Uses and Abuses of the Past

History as ideology, consolation, nostalgia, vindication, identity, revenge. Where does ‘History’ go from here?
Panel: Anne Curry, Peter Hennessy, Paul Preston, Donald Sassoon